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Organizational Structure

History and Mission

Systematic education in computer science was launched within the Mathematical Institute at the end of the 1950's by László Kalmár. The Institute of Informatics was founded as an independent unit in 1990.

The head of the Institute: Dr. László Nyúl

Deputies: Dr. Róbert Mingesz (student affairs) and Dr. Antal Nagy (general)

The Institute consists of six departments and a research group:

  Department of Computational Optimization, head: Dr. Balázs Bánhelyi

  Department of Computer Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence, head: Dr. Márk Jelasity

  Department of Foundations of Computer Science, head: Dr. Zsolt Zoltán Gazdag

  Department of Image Processing and Computer Graphics, head: Dr. László Nyúl

  Department of Software Engineering, head: Dr. Rudolf Ferenc

  Department of Technical Informatics,  head: Dr. Zoltán Gingl

  Research Group on Artificial Intelligence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, head: Dr. Márk Jelasity