Turn on the NEON-light. Stronger than you would expect.

ARM-NEON is a SIMD (Single instruction, multiple data) instruction set for the latest ARM cores. The NEON instruction set focuses on integer (8, 16 and 32 bit) and single precision floating point arithmetic. It also has some unique features like using the same register array as the Vector Floating Point (VFP) unit which allows mixing SIMD and common floating point instructions.

Speeding up SVG pixel filters with SMP

Some SVG filters (lighting and turbulence filters for example) execute
a huge number of pixel manipulations, which cannot be sped up by graphics
accelerators, since their algorithm is too complex. Fortunately, a different
source can provide us raw power: Simmetric Multi Processing (SMP).

What are JavaScript and SVG good for? - Built-in Flash engine?

There is a very interesting open source project: a Flash runtime engine written in JavaScript, called Gordon, written by Tobias Schneider. Although the project is still under development, you can get the first impressions how strong the JavaScript and SVG technologies are nowadays.

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