The sounds of TCmalloc in QtLauncher

It took a while but now I'm happy to announce that all core classes are inherited from FastAllocBase in WebCore. Further the previous changes in JavaScriptCore, by now almost the whole world is a subclass of FastAllocBase. :-)

Detailed memory consumption of some popular sites. Poor good old malloc, everyone's beast of burden.

It is time to try out my new freya tool. Only some web-sites and a fresh Qt (4.6.0) and QtWebKit (r51481) are needed. The values are peak memory consumptions, which is not necessary the best choice (since the sum of their total value is greater than the peak memory consumption), but at least we can see the memory hungry parts of QtWebKit.

A new tool to extract meaningful memory consumption values. Valgrind shines again.

Every program allocates memory, regardless of its size. Reducing it is an important task and an eternal struggle. Using advanced memory profiling tools, it is easy to see that the most memory is consumed by ... hash tables, vectors, unicode strings, mmaped memory regions, etc. But is THIS what you are interested in? Isn't it would be better to know how much memory consumed by WebCore, JavaScriptCore, Qt, or by a particular component, like WebCore/css?

The effect of TCmalloc in the QtWebKit port - stage 2: Memory consumption

As I mentioned, there is a reverse of a medal, so now let's see how enabling TCmalloc on the QtWebKit port's JavaScriptCore engine effects memory consumption.

Memory consumption: scratching the surface

On Linux platform, WebKit doesn't provide us with tools/scripts for investigating memory consumption, although this topic might be almost as important as runtime performance. For example, just think of an embedded environment where memory is limited and the usage of memory has an impact on the device's power consumption.

Disabling the cache

A goal of mine is to decrease and limit the memory usage of WebKit. In embedded environments, memory can be even more important than performance. I was interested how can the memory consumption be lowered with the functionality already present in WebKit's code base, i.e., without too much hacking of the code.

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