Web Sprocket(s) | Lesson 3 - Crafting a window (Part II)

In the previous lesson we have discussed how to create a platform independent Window class and expand it with platform specific (Linux) behaviors. If you missed it, you can read it here.

Web Sprocket(s) | Lesson 2 - Crafting a window (Part I)

In the previous lesson we have discussed how to start with a minimal application based on Content API. If you missed it you can read it here.

In this lesson we show how to create a platform independent Window class. After that we will expand this with platform specific (Linux) behaviors.

Web Sprocket(s) | Lesson 1 - First steps

Welcome to our first lesson on how to build a web browser!

We presume that you have already read the Introduction and have a Chromium repository set up as well. If you need more help setting up Chromium, here is what we did (when this guide was created the Chromium version was 47.0.2526.73).

Web Sprocket(s) | Create your embedded browser in 24 hours!

We have decided to create a step-by-step guide to show you how to build your own browser based on the Content API. You might be familiar with our previous work on this topic. If not, you can start learning about the basics from here.

Sprocket introduction video

We have recently uploaded our first video about Sprocket. Check it out on YouTube!

If you don’t know Sprocket, here is a introduction about our Open Source experimental browser:

Chromium Architecture Overview

We have recently created a summarized architecture overview about Chromium. Our purpose was that everyone who is interested in this topic could see how Chromium is built together and understand how it works. You can check it out here.

On behalf of the Sprocket team,

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SprocketMonkey - (in)finite monkey theorem about Sprocket

Testing a web browser can be approached from several different angles. One can test performance, responsiveness, correctness of page layout or even the behavior of a web site in different user interactions.

Core Sprocket - Minimal experimental browser based on Content API

This is a follow-up blogpost on our previous Sprocket intro. If you have not read it yet, you can check it out here.

Sprocket - Experimental Multiplatform Browser Based on Content API

Several months ago, a simple question was raised to us: How can one build a web browser? This was an interesting question not a trivial one to be answered in one sentence. So, at the University of Szeged we started to work on this issue to come up with a handy answer. This is how Sprocket was born. However, let us start from the beginning.

Measuring ASM.JS performance

What is ASM.JS?

Now that mobile computers and cloud services become part of our lives, more and more developers see the potential of the web and online applications. ASM.JS, a strict subset of JavaScript, is a technology that provides a way to achieve near native speed in browsers, without the need of any plugin or extension. It is also possible to cross-compile C/C++ programs to it and running them directly in your browser.

In this post we will compare the JavaScript and ASM.JS performance in different browsers, trying out various kinds of web applications and benchmarks.

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